3 Major Issues to Consider With Any Hearing Aid Purchase

1. Lifetime of On Going Maintenance & Service.

Regardless of the brand or cost of your hearing aid living in Hawaii if you’re not getting your instruments cleaned and serviced at a minimum of every three months it is very likely you’re not hearing like you should with your hearing aids.

What causes the deterioration?

Ear wax accumulation inside your ear canal and your hearing aid, a change in your forever changing hearing and an accumulation of moisture. All of these issues if not addressed often and routinely determine how well you are hearing with your hearing aids right now, regardless of the brand or cost of your hearing aid.

2. Quality and Level of Technology Used.

All brands of hearing aids offer several levels of technology. This is why there is often a big price range between even the same brand of hearing aid you may purchase. Less expensive hearing aids are usually lower level or older levels of technology.

Also less expensive hearing aids often don’t come with service, like at most big box stores. If what you are purchasing doesn’t come with someone going to check and maintain inside your ear canal and clean and service your hearing aids routinely every three months you’re just purchasing the commodity and compared to a hearing aid that includes all the maintenance and service it should be very inexpensive.

3. Independent Verification of Fitting.

You would never leave your Eye Dr.’s office without checking if you are seeing 20/20.

The same is true with your hearing. Never leave your Specialist’s office without knowing how well your understanding speech with your new hearing aids.

All hearing aids sound good but how much are they actually helping you understand words? This is the most important aspect of hearing?

For over two years we have documented the difference of understanding speech between most makes and models of hearing aids. With our knowledge we can help make the best recommendation for your prescriptive hearing needs. How important is this? We routinely see over a 100% difference between different brands and models of hearing aids by comparing live speech scores while the patient is wearing their hearing aids.

This is why we offer several brands of hearing aids and not just one. Our experience clearly has shown us that one brand isn’t the best for everyone.

Bring in any hearing aid and we will measure and compare the difference for you.

Randy Wohlers BC HIS