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Patient Resources

Restore Sound to Your World with Family Hearing Aid Center

Our board-certified hearing aid specialists at Family Hearing Aid Center understand the life-altering impact that hearing loss can have. That’s why we strive to offer you the most advanced and effective hearing loss treatments available today. Our goal is to help you restore your hearing clarity and eliminate the sense of isolation that hearing loss can cause.

To assist with this goal, we have provided the following patient resources to educate you further about our hearing aid center in Kahului and available treatments. Choose from the options below to learn more. If you don’t find the answer to a question in the resources we have provided, feel free to call our office at 808.877.1518. You can also send us your question with our convenient online contact form by clicking here.

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As one of the premier hearing aid centers in Honolulu, Pearl City, Kaneohe & Kahala, HI, our team at Family Hearing Aid Center also provides 5-star-rated hearing care to patients from Kahului, Hilo, Kailua & Kona, HI, and surrounding areas.